My paintings are being created in tempera on wood panels. 

I am totally enraptured by the medieval and early Renaissance art of painting, especially Italian one. This is my source of inspiration and ideas. 

I also draw inspiration from my journeys around Poland and Southern Europe. I am fascinated by old gardens and their sad remains that can be found in abundance all over Poland. I am an incurable romantic picturing manor park in every weird clump of trees seen in the midst of the fields. I love tracing - with the map in my hands - the remnants of what once were glorious palaces and gardens. 

I am also inspired by the biblical texts, in particular by the Old Testament, and their painterly interpretations in medieval manuscripts.

Lately, I have been most drawn to the promises contained in the texts of the prophets. I paint them for myself, but it turns out that they are also necessary and give hope to the recipients of my paintings, with whom I had the pleasure of talking. It gives me a sense of purpose and great gratitude for my work.

I encourage you to view my paintings in conjunction with the Word that inspired them.

Descriptions for each painting can be found on my instagram and fb



I studied at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts (ASP) in Warsaw which I graduated from  in 1999 by earning my diploma in Krzysztof Wachowiak´s studio, and then annex to a diploma – in Rafał Strent´s studio of workshop graphics. 



2003 - Galeria Karowa, Warsaw
2005 - Institute of polish Culture, Prague
2008 - Restauracja Żywiciel, Warsaw
2010 - Galeria Latająca, Warsaw
2015 - Galeria Korekta, ZPAP, Warsaw

2018 - Galeria Bohema Nowa Sztuka, Warsaw

2021- Galeria M, Wrocław



2000 - "Mistrz i uczeń", Galeria Katarzyny Napiórkowskiej, Warsaw

2011 - "Renesans renesansu", Opole

2012 - "Our Italian inspiration", Auditorium al Doumo, Florence, Italy

2012 - "Włoski, włoski!" Galeria Polswissart, Warsaw

2012 - "Miejsca teologiczne", podziemia pokamedulskie w Lasku Bielańskim, Warsaw

2014 - "Jednorożec we Florencji", Galeria Korekta, Warsaw

2014 - "Colour, symbol et cetera", Auditorium al Duomo, Florence, Italy

2020 - "Sztuka w czasach zarazy", Galeria Oranżeria, Jablonna Palace

2021 - "Communicating Vessels" Brzeg Castle

2022 - "Landmarks" Zielona Gallery Łódź

2023 - "What is truth?" Dom Praczki Gallery Kielce

2023 - "Meeting Axis" Dominican Monastery Warsaw